YiP Team

  • Mandy Merklein
    Mandy is an environmental biologist and parent. She is co-founder of Escola Kumar and PermaMed.org where she designs educational programs, sites and teaches permaculture.
    Escola Kumar, PermaMed.org (Mallorca, Spain)
  • Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”
    Rakesh is an experienced low impact living designer and teacher from the UK, specialising in community resilience, permaculture, creating food forests and low maintenance food growing systems. He has worked as an advisor to several community projects in London and throughout Europe and has taught in many countries around the world. Rakesh has turned his dyslexia to his advantage by developing a talent for observation and hands on learning and teaching methods. At a young age he established a successful computer consultancy and, after achieving financial independence, acquired skills as a homeopath and yoga teacher which he put to use in Ananda Marga humanitarian relief projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Along with Permaculture Rakesh focuses on the human skills of communication and planning so necessary for successful communities.
    Permaculture Association Britain (UK)
  • Charlie Gray
    Charlie is a permaculturist living in an urban environment in the North of England. She is a linguist and ethnobotanist with research experience. She is co-founder of Horton Community Farm Coop Ltd., founder of Grow Bradford and co-founder of Plenty Preserves; all design initiatives supporting local food.
    Horton Community Farm (UK)
  • Kate Curtis
    Kate facilitates activities on Permaculture, Nature Connection and yoga. She is co-founder of Soil*Sun*Soul an international collective that organizes courses and workshops. She develops and illustrates learning materials, resources and process. 
    Boodaville Permaculture Education, Soil*Sun*Soul.net (Spain)
  • Alessandro ‘Aless’ Ardovini
    Aless is eclectic and adaptable and he’s been interested in nature, feminism, human rights, social interaction since he can remember.
    He’s a linguist and a narrative lover, he’s been teaching languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Galician and Catalan) since 2008 and he speaks a decent Portuguese and basic French as well.
    He’s applied his teaching skills to Permaculture and he’s been teaching Permaculture since 2010. He’s also very interested in ecosystem restoration and food forests and has experience in these fields as well. Aless is also a networker and he’s one of the founders and part of the leading group of the Permacultura Barcelona association and the national Spanish group Permacultura Íbera (PI).
    He’s part of the European Permaculture Network (EuPN), he’s developing a Mediterranean Permaculture Network (MedipermaneT) with the objective of creating a book on effective Permaculture strategies and practices in the Mediterranean and he also participated in the European Permaculture Teachers’ partnership (EPT).
    Boodaville Permaculture Education, Permacultura Barcelona, Permacultura Íbera (PI), European Permaculture Network (EuPN), Mediterranean Permaculture Network (Catalonia; Spain; Italy)
  • Elizabeta Z Jovanovska
    Elizabeta is an independent consultant, social activist, and researcher. She combines non-formal education, sustainable communities and personal development in her work. Her goal is to help grow awareness of the importance of sustainable and resilient lifestyles and taking positive action in society. In the last 15 years she is actively involved in numerous local and international programs and projects for social inclusion, developing life skills and youth empowering, networking communities, creative expression and personal growth.
    KALEN – Platform for personal development and sustainable ways of life (Macedonia)
  • Jan Zijlstra
    Jan is a sustainability consultant and permaculture educator. He has traveled, worked and lived in Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, researching and learning about sustainable ways of living, community development, nature education etc. He works in the field of sustainable development, Ecovillage Design, Permaculture design and building with natural materials, as a trainer, advisor and coach.
    KALEN – Platform for personal development and sustainable ways of life (Macedonia)
  • Elias Robson
    Escola Kumar, PermaMed.org (Mallorca, Spain)
  • Victor Pla
    Escola Kumar + PermaMed.org + Artifex Balear (Spain)
  • Federica Romagnoli
    Paradiso Ritrovato (Italy)
  • Monica
    youth4youth (Italy)
  • Olivia McEwan
    Permaculture Association Britain / Horton Community Farm Co-operative (UK)
  • Ana Erzen
    Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije (Slovenia)
  • Primoz
    Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije (Slovenia)
  • Anna Gurney
    Boodaville (Spain)
  • Banu Aldemir
    Permakamp (Turkey)
  • Yankı Mıhçı
    Permakamp (Turkey)
  • Amrita
    Asociatia Educatiei Neoumanista (Romania/Portugal)
  • Didi
    Asociatia Educatiei Neoumanista (Romania/Portugal)