Who We Are

Who is in the YiP core team?

Our group consists of people from organizations in nine countries, listed below in alphabetical order.

Association of Neohumanist Education in Romania focuses on cultivating personal development, ecological awareness and inclusive attitudes towards diversity from early childhood education and throughout life.
It organized ecological permaculture activities for 60 primary school children during the “Saptamana Altfel Program” in 2015, and a teacher training session about permaculture in 2013.   The Association provides teacher training and supervises the Neohumanist curriculum applied in the “Gradinita Rasarit” kindergarten and the “Fountain of Hope” Afterschool center. Association of Neohumanist Education is a member of  the Children in Permaculture Project. neoumanism.org

Boodaville is an environmental education / permaculture project in the Matarranya region of Spain. 2.5 hours from Barcelona, near Calaceite town. We are developing a demonstration site, working towards forming a small eco-village and run “Living Permaculture” courses for people of all ages to share opportunities for learning. boodaville.org

Escola Kumar is a holistic living and education program base on Mallorca that provides skills and inspiration through permaculture demonstration sites, courses, resources, and experiential learning activities. Inspired by Satish Kumar founder of Schumacher College and the Fundación Educacion por la Vida, our programs support youths, teachers,  families and individuals to transition to a more holistic and resilient way of living in tune with nature and our communities. Our programs include the Permaculture Pathway Program which collaborates with PermaMed and Artifex Balear to provide guidance, educational, experiential, and professional working opportunities for youths interested in permaculture. Escola Kumar.

Horton Community Farm  is a LAND permaculture centre & workers’ cooperative for food growing and community resilience providing 5 strands of work in education, volunteering, wildlife, therapy and food growing. hcf.org.uk

Kalen Platform for self-development and sustainable ways of life, is a platform for nurturing ideas and practices in the spheres of responsible ecological behaviour, creative expression and towards sustainable and healthy lifestyles, based in Macedonia. The main focus is on capacity building and community development. The three pillars of activities are nature, creativity, and self-development. kalen.mk

Paradiso Ritrovato (Regained Paradise) is a nonprofit organization, based in Italy and founded in 2012, working with sustainability in education. They aim to spread knowledge and practical alternatives in the fields of ecological awareness, active citizenship and community building for a sustainable world. Paradiso Ritrovato addresses its activities to children in cooperation with kindergartens and primary schools, young adults aged between 18 and 30 years old and adults especially providing training and vocational courses. All the activities are designed using the methodology of non formal education. paradisoritrovato.org

The Permaculture Association (Britain), is a charity and company limited by guarantee with over 30 years’ experience in permaculture education and vast experience of coordinating diverse projects with large budgets, such as The Leonardo da Vinci funded European Permaculture Teacher project involved 12 organizations developing sustainable ways of sharing knowledge and training permaculture teachers, and the Children in Permaculture Project. permaculture.org.uk

Permacultura Mediterránea (PermaMed) is a nonprofit association founded in 2011 dedicated to providing permaculture education, through workshops, certification courses, demonstration sites, activities, resources, and support. PermaMed collaborates with serval complementary permaculture demonstration sites supported by local and visiting volunteers. PermaMed works with teachers and schools to bring permaculture resources and experiences into classrooms.  Our focus is on bioregions with Mediterranean-type climates, our work is primarily local, however PermaMed also collaborates with other European and international organizations to provide permaculture support and resources. PermaMed.org

Permaculture Association Slovenia is an NGO founded in 1996. It regularly organizes a broad range of national and international permaculture workshops and is involved in educational projects. They create outdoor classrooms in nature using permaculture elements. They do hands-on permaculture in natural building techniques, with a special focus on the young and the unemployed. The organization also works with disadvantaged groups like Roma and disabled children. permakultura.si

Permakamp is a family base project that provides opportunities to create child-friendly, common living-areas that are designed using Permaculture principals, and produce real food to people living in near by cities. Permakamp runs workshops, volunteer and open visit days at their site. They explore permaculture design elements including food production, wise water use, bio-construction, alternative economies, and much more. permakamp.com/tr/

Youth4youth  is a youth association for all young people who want to be protagonists-providing them a chance to express themselves, have their voice heard and have fun building new relationships and friends. Youth4youth provides non-formal learning activities: a variety of workshops, activities including international youth exchanges, music labs, art, creativity, theater, permaculture and much more. youth4youth.it