YiP ´s mission includes providing tools that connect young people with opportunities to engage in permaculture via experience through projects, volunteering, work exchanges, travel, programs, networking, workshops, and so forth. In addition, we will be providing resources that can offer support such as links to organizations that offer these experiences as well as scholarships and other funding vehicles to make them more accessible. We will also provide resources for mentors, facilitators and educators who would like to support youths in permaculture or include permaculture as part of their youth programs.

We are just initiating this page so keep coming back as we add on content! If you have ideas on what resources would be useful please share them with us. Thanks for checking in!
Some of the resources we are building on:

General information – An Introduction to Permaculture:

Organizations offering programs in permaculture inclusive of young adults and youths:

Opportunities and experiences for youths in permaculture:

Teaching and facilitation tools for sharing permaculture with youths and young adults: