June 2019, in a little village near London, the permaculture teacher training with Graham Bell and Rakesh 'Rootsman Rak’ was absolutely awe-inspiring and valuable for future endeavours. This is where I, Roy Hendriks, met Charlotte Louise Langdon and decided afterwards to go on a journey to Denmark and immerse into sociocracy! Very interesting because this is a practitioner course, I have experience and understand the foundations from experiencing projects like Youth in Permaculture, Permaculture design courses with ‘Rootsman Rak’ and more..

19 England teachers training Group photo

This event was organised by ’Sociocracy for All’ and ‘Crossing circles’ at the ’Nordfyns Højskole’. An amazing place by the way! They gave me the opportunity to have an open talk on permaculture & sociocracy.

During this talk, I explained the philosophy of permaculture and how it shares values with sociocracy. Where permaculture focuses primarily on creating regenerative systems in synergy with nature, sociocracy provides an approach to the social aspect. 

The need of learning to work together is an important part so that we can form stronger, smarter and more efficient working communities/projects in times of changing climate, pollution, societal, and technological issues etc. I would like to share this quote:

"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Let’s start debriefing the week a little more.

We started out by getting to know each other and how these basic 3 elements are the steering wheel of sociocracy:

  • Consent decision making
  • Continuous evolution by feedback
  • Organisational structures by linked circles

So basically, are the decisions being made good enough for now and safe enough to try to achieve our goals/aims? Are we transparent enough, are we improving our ability to work together and developing our skills? Sociocracy is a living system.

19 Denmark sociocracy training SoFa

The next great step was that we actually joined a circle using a nomination process and started practising sociocracy for the rest of the week. The 4 student circles were: Entertainment, documenting, broadcast, well-being. 

My reason to join this circle was initially to go and join the ‘documenting’ circle as I’m good at note-taking and logbook keeping. But then I heard reasons from the well-being group and felt that this was more appropriate.

While the week progressed, we started diving deep into subjects of sociocracy and talked about related complementary tools like; non-violent communication, permaculture, holacracy, etc.

We held meetings, made proposals and decisions to carry out our aim for this course,  all to benefit our learning experience this week and onwards.

In the end, we self-assessed our performance from the week, worked on the next steps and had a nice party with live music, drinks & food, dancing and games to play. All in all, a rememberable experience with good people working to make this world a better place, highly recommended! 

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