By Laura Ann B

On 8th of December 2017, over 50 young people from over 8 countries gathered in Cavagnola, Italy to take part in the first Youth in Permaculture project, in collaboration with Gaia Youth and supported by Erasmus plus funds. The Italian exchange was spearheaded by Monica Mano, and the week was designed and facilitated by dynamic and talented team leaders from each country. We all worked together to make this week a collaborative, fun and non-hierarchical project.  We got much more than we could have imagined, forging lifelong friendships, creating connections and sparking ideas. We left the exchange with an abundance of hope and excitement for the future of youth in permaculture. Activities included design work, utilising permaculture guilds, practical workshops, learning about sociocracy, exploring problems and solutions, sharing our cultures, connecting with nature and planning for our future.

In 2018 the European Permaculture Convergence will be hosted in Ireland from Wednesday 8th to Monday 13th August.  An Oige, Knockree Hostel and campsite is the location for this event in the stunning Wicklow Hills. It is walkable in a few hours from Dublin City Centre and easily accessible by bus.  With strong local traditions of story, music and friendly folk this is sure to be a convergence to remember. The Youth in Permaculture team hope to have a presence there.

European Permaculture Convergence 2018

The website has more details here:

The blog page from the website of the youth hostel where the event is being hosted has some interesting & fun articles that tell us a bit more about the area and activities young people have been involved in. 

In the year 2017 from 8th to 16th december I attended a permaculture youth exchange titled "It`s our future". It was hosted in Italy near the city of Torino. The week that I shared with about 60 other participants was a deeply touching experience for me and has prompted me to make changes in the course of my life.