We live in a world where youth are empowered and creating resilient, hopeful, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture


  • We run an interactive web-platform with content created by and for young people
  • We create regular events organised with and for young people focused on different aspects of permaculture and workshops/activities.
  • We develop permaculture education and cooperation in schools, universities and other organisations by designing, implementing programs and tools for youth.
  • We support youth to use Permaculture in creating their career and livelihood.
  • We integrate Permaculture and youth leaders into decision making processes and policies in their communities and society in general.
  • We provide resources, tools, and events to support youth to act as facilitators, leaders, and multipliers among their peers (organise training's of youth leaders & facilitators that provide tools for naturalising and multiplying with permaculture in peers)
  • We create appropriate and accessible physical spaces for young people to live, learn and work by permaculture principles and ethics
  • We (will) continuously research the opinions, needs, requests of youth to create and adjust our objectives
  • We record and evaluate our processes to make the tools we are using transparent, accessible and replicable
  • We support local organisations with resources and help them create effective and powerful networks