We are excited to announce the beginning of a new project aiming to support and engage youth in permaculture!

Spurred on by the success of the Children in Permaculture (CiP) project, Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”, one of the initiators and facilitators of CiP, met with several youths, parents, and others at the EUPC (European Permaculture Convergence) this autumn where they discussed the importance of including youths in the permaculture movement. These discussions inspired us to initiate this new project, which will look at how to empower and engage an older age group than CiP is currently catering for.

The initial forming group (Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”, Mandy Merklein, Elias Robson and Anna Gurney) have created a temporary vision and mission for the group, the sole purpose of which is to attract like minded people and projects to form the core partnership. Once the new core group has formed, we will then co-create the project’s long-term vision and mission.

At this stage, we do not have any fixed ideas of what the project will look like or how it will work. All we can say is that from past experience governance is key to creating a fun and lively project where people are super excited to be working together and delivering successfully.

Sociocracy as a governance tool has been used very effectively to create the loving and fun working environment in the CiP project and has been cited as one of they key reasons this project is working so well. We, therefore, propose utilizing Rakesh’s sociocratic decision making and project management skills as part of our collaborative governance strategy. The rest is up to the new core team to decide what we do and how we fulfill our vision, including the name of the project (Youth in Permaculture is a working title).

A world where youth are empowered, inspired and creating a more resilient and hopeful present and future. Youth are encouraged and engaged in participating and leading permaculture projects, events, and initiatives. They have access to tools, resources, and a support network that encourages and integrates a regenerative life based on the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share for future generations.

To reach this vision, our mission is:

● Providing and promoting resources to empower youth, parents, educators and other people who work with youth to integrate permaculture into all aspects of their lives.

● Having a “super cool” website filled with resources and inspiration that provide:
· tools, tips, and active examples, on integrating permaculture into life- directed at/by youth
· educational permaculture resources directed to youths, educators, and parents
· experience, work exchange, mentorships, to a pathway of integrated life and professionalism
· Inspirational stories conveyed by video interviews of mentors and youth
· projects and initiatives that value and encourage youth involvement
· resources on funding, scholarships, work exchange and strategies to support youth activities/education

● Creating a youth permaculture network that advocates for youth participation and inclusion in permaculture events and organises local, national, and international events to engage and support young permaculturalists

● Supporting, organizing youth-oriented permaculture events and projects