Encouraged by Children in Permaculture (CIP), several youths involved in permaculture, and various leaders in the permaculture community have formed to create a diverse team from over eight countries and many organizations to begin to build this exciting project.

YIP is a new initiative to support and empower youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture. As a part of YiP’s mission we provide youths and supporters with useful resources, tools, opportunities, and networks as well as updates on youth projects, and provide a platform for youth voices. You can also stay up to date via YiP’s facebook page (Youth in permaculture) and other media. In addition to connecting and sharing over the web, YiP organises face-to-face events, activities, provides opportunities, youth programmes. We would like to hear from people interested in supporting, engaging and helping us create this project. Browse through the YIP web as it evolves, stay tuned, and feel free to sign up for our newsletter.

YiP Inaugural Meeting March 2017 SpainYiP Inaugural Meeting March 2017 Spain