Friday, August 02, 2019 YiP Inspired 504
June 2019, in a little village near London, the permaculture teacher training with Graham Bell and Rakesh 'Rootsman Rak’ was absolutely awe-inspiring and valuable for future endeavours. This is where I, Roy Hendriks, met Charlotte Louise Langdon and decided afterwards to go on a journey to Denmark and immerse into sociocracy! Very interesting because this is a practitioner course, I have...
Monday, March 05, 2018 Events 1018
By Laura Ann B On 8th of December 2017, over 50 young people from over 8 countries gathered in Cavagnola, Italy to take part in the first Youth in Permaculture project, in collaboration with Gaia Youth and supported by Erasmus plus funds. The Italian exchange was spearheaded by Monica Mano, and the week was designed and facilitated by dynamic and talented team leaders from each country. We all...
Monday, March 05, 2018 Events 1021
In 2018 the European Permaculture Convergence will be hosted in Ireland from Wednesday 8th to Monday 13th August. An Oige, Knockree Hostel and campsite is the location for this event in the stunning Wicklow Hills. It is walkable in a few hours from Dublin City Centre and easily accessible by bus. With strong local traditions of story, music and friendly folk this is sure to be a convergence to...
Friday, January 12, 2018 Events 1337
In the year 2017 from 8th to 16th december I attended a permaculture youth exchange titled "It`s our future". It was hosted in Italy near the city of Torino. The week that I shared with about 60 other participants was a deeply touching experience for me and has prompted me to make changes in the course of my life.

About Youth in Permaculture

YIP is a new initiative to support and empower youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture. Encouraged by Children in Permaculture (CIP), several youths involved in permaculture, and various leaders in the permaculture community formed to create a diverse team from over eight countries and many organizations to begin to build this exciting project. This is our initial web page to let you know that YIP is up and running. We have had our first very inspiring and productive meeting this April! We hope to fill this web page with useful resources, tools, opportunities, and networks as well as youth projects and voices. YIP will be more than a resource web page of course. We are in the planning stage of organizing events, activities, and programs too. We will be sending out surveys to hear from people interested in supporting, engaging and helping us create this project. Browse through the YIP web as it develops, stay tuned, and feel free to sign up for our first newsletter..

  • The vision that drives us and inspires us is

    • We live in a world where youth are empowered and creating resilient, hopeful, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture
    2017 YiP Youth Exchange Italy
    2017 YiP Youth Exchange Italy
  • The strategy that we employ to bring our vision into reality is

    • We run an interactive web-platform with content created by and for young people
    • We create regular events organized with and for young people focused on different aspects of permaculture and workshops/activities.
    • We develop permaculture education and cooperation in schools, universities and other organizations by designing, implementing programs and tools for youth.
    • We support youth to use Permaculture in creating their career and livelihood.
    • We integrate Permaculture and youth leaders into decision making processes and policies in their communities and society in general.
    • We provide resources, tools, and events to support youth to act as facilitators, leaders, and multipliers among their peers (organize trainings of youth leaders & facilitators that provide tools for naturalizing and multiplying with permaculture in peers)
    • We create appropriate and accessible physical spaces for young people to live, learn and work by permaculture principles and ethics
    • We (will) continuously research the opinions, needs, requests of youth to create and adjust our objectives
    • We record and evaluate our processes to make the tools we are using transparent, accessible and replicable
    • We support local organizations with resources and help them create effective and powerful networks